 Cannatopia.Vegas proposes to be the first and leading attraction for cannabis tourism.
 Customers visiting this living museum will learn about cannabis in all phases of its life cycle and the processes that take it to oil and end products. It is not possible to create such an attraction by growing marijuana due to heavy regulation. However, federally legalized hemp, which looks, smells, and feels like marijuana, can be more accessible, while still using the same methods and techniques from marijuana.
 Taking a tour will educate, give historical and political perspectives, as well as provide participants with free samples.  Guests may also meander and listen to impromptu discussions by growers tending the plants or head over to our test kitchen to learn how to incorporate cannabis into your every day diet.
 Our location makes it an ideal tourist destination for a city that receives 40-50 million visitors a year. The natural flow of visitors, increasing interest in cannabis, plus the tactile experience, will drive heavy traffic to the attraction